Medical Pouch
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Medical Pouch

The Rootstown Fire Department provides magnetic refrigerator pouches & Emergency Medical Information forms, FREE of charge to Rootstown residents.

These pouches hold the necessary information which is needed by the paramedics during an EMS response. By having this information easily and readily accessible, it helps the paramedics deliver the necessary care with the necessary information. Sometimes it is difficult for a patient to accurately communicate this information during the time of an emergency and we hope this will help improve the care we provide our residents.

To get the pouch/medical forms or to get information on our Residential Rapid Access Program (designed for those who live alone, have serious medical conditions, or are disabled) please contact Captain Meonske or Captain Jenior @ 330-325-7233. These are FREE programs and are designed to help us deliver a better EMS service for you.

A blank Medical Info Sheet may also be downloaded by clicking here.