General Park Regulations

Unless authorized by the Board of Township Trustees, the following general regulations are established for all parks and recreation areas: ROOTSTOWN TOWNSHIP PARK REGULATIONS Unless authorized by the Board of Township Trustees, the following general regulations are established for all parks and recreation areas:

  1. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the shelter or on park grounds.

  2. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all facilities owned or operated by Rootstown Township. The Township prohibits smoking in all outdoor areas adjacent to doors, windows, and other access points. Smoking is only allowed in the parking areas of the park. Smokers will properly dispose of cigarette butts; not on the ground.

  3. Ball fields may be used ONLY if a league game or practice has not been scheduled for the day.

  4. No person shall purposely or knowingly deface, tear down, demolish, injure or destroy, either in whole or in part, any facility or property within park or recreation areas.

  5. No person shall build or ignite any fire except within grates, fireplaces, or other facilities provided by the township.

  6. No person shall take or discharge any gun, revolver, air or gas rifle or pistol, or slingshot into any park area, shelter, or facility.

  7. The use of bows and arrows in the parks is prohibited.

  8. No person shall drive, move, operate or ride any bicycle, motorcycle, or motor vehicle or any other humanly or mechanically propelled apparatus upon park or recreation land so as to interfere with the safe, peaceful, and reasonable use of the land and the facilities thereupon by any other person. The vehicles or apparatus shall be operated only in areas commonly designated as being appropriate therefore, such as roads, parking areas, and bike trails and shall not be operated in other park or recreation areas commonly attracting and accommodating the public for the safe leisure or play of persons free from the interference of these devices.

  9. No person shall drive any vehicle off designated roads in any public park other than a maintenance vehicle in designated areas.

  10. The parking of any motor vehicle is permitted only in parking areas provided for that purpose.

  11. No person shall wash or repair a car, truck or any other motor vehicle in the parks.

  12. All motorized vehicles are limited to a ten-mile per hour speed limit while passing on or through a road in any park or recreation area..

  13. No person shall ride or operate a motorized vehicle of any kind on the park trails.

  14. No person shall ride, lead or transport a horse into a park.

  15. No person shall hunt, pursue the dogs, trap, or in any other way molest any wild bird or animal found within the confines of the park, or therein rob or molest any bird nest or take the eggs of any bird.

  16. No personal shall abandon, or permit abandonment of any household pet or other domestic animal(s) in the park.

  17. No person shall take any pet, whether on a leash or otherwise, into any park building. Pets will be controlled at all times on a leash held in the hand. Pet litter shall be picked up and properly disposed of by the pet owners.

  18. The collecting of firewood or cutting of trees for firewood is strictly prohibited.

  19. No personal shall pick any flower, whether wild or domestic, remove any plant, shrub, bush, tree, or the like, or break, puncture, or otherwise damage the trunk or any branch of a tree within any park or recreation area.

  20. No person shall loiter in or near any building, structure, or motor vehicle in the parks.

  21. No person shall solicit donations or collections, without first obtaining written permission of the Board of Township Trustees.

  22. No person shall sell or offer for sale any article, thing, privilege or service within the parks without permission of the Board of Township Trustees, and no person shall do any begging, hawking, peddling, or soliciting.

  23. No person shall expose, distribute, or place any sign, advertisement, circular, notice, or statement or display any banner, emblem, or design within the park.

  24. The playing of audio devices is permitted only for the enjoyment of the individual and the volume shall at all times be maintained at a level which will not disturb or be offensive to other park visitors.

  25. No person shall throw or deposit any can, debris, paper, foodstuff, bottle, or any other kind of trash or discarded commonly onto park property.

  26. No personal shall exhibit or display any obscene material as defined in Section 2907.01 of the Ohio Revised code, such as motion picture films, and no person(s) shall engage in conduct that would portray any kind of sexual activity or other obscene performance, including the exposure of one's private body parts as proscribed in Section 2907 of the Ohio Revised Code.

  27. No person shall fail or refuse to comply with any reasonable order relating to the regulations, direction, or control of traffic, of to any other order lawfully given by any representative acting under the authority of the Board of Township Trustees.

  28. No personal shall, either by word or act, indulge in any noisy, boisterous, disorderly, or indecent conduct, or in any manner disturb the peace or good order of the community within the park; nor shall any person engage in any active game endangering other persons in the park. No person shall play at games of chance, drink intoxicating liquor, or be drunk, or do any indecent, lascivious, lewd, or improper act therein. No person shall enter a toilet room set apart of the opposite sex.

  29. The township shall not be responsible for damages incurred to personal or private property when in use or parked upon the park land.

  30. A violation of these rules may result in NO FUTURE USE PRIVILEGES.